Showtime at Malmö Live!

For a few months now I (Lotta) have been working with clothing and costume for a big nordic show coming up 4/2 in Malmö Live!

Karlskrona-hair dresser Linda Schuster and international hair dresser and stylist Joakim Roos (two of four)asked me to join their (hair)Team Sweden by creating all clothes and accessories for their elaborate and inspirational show at the Intercoiffure Nordic Convent for the leading hair dressers from all over the world. The theeme of our show would be Nordic Mythology. (One show out of five that day)

I didn’t think twice.

As Joakim travels the world teaching hair amongst others he bought the most amazing fabric and trims to the show from Mumbai-India and sent it all to us. A piece of heaven in our studio..

With one moodboard each to the chosen 4 worlds(showing inspiration to the hair and make up) of the mythology I had more or less free hands to create all costume to fit and enhance the hair and make up.

It all resulted in 32 outfits (just over 70 garments) to the worlds of Muspelheim, Svartalfheim, Alfheim and Nifelheim all designed and made by me in the studio in Karlshamn!

On saturday the time has come to meet the models, all crew of the show and to fit and prepare some last sewing and trimming of the garments, do a few dress rehearsals and hope for a fantastic show on sunday!

Until photos and movies will show up here and on social media next week from the show, here comes a few photos from the creative costume process and outfits in the making…To be continued..