AMAZING vibrant textiles in our webshop!

Yes we also sell uniques vibrant textiles now! If you prefer a little more modest look for yourself or your home and don’t want to dive completely into the vibrant world of colour and pattern with a whole outfit or african curtains in every room, a little detail like a pocket, trimmings, collar, lining or cushion of theese textiles will make a big difference and a nice personal contrast to a more toned down, classic outfit or home.

If you don’t want to dust off your sewing machine and give it a go yourself, we are happy to help you out with both design, ideas and construction of you tailormade product!

Contact or give us a call on 0733-985483 if you want our help or just pop in to our shop and tailor studio in Karlshamn during our opening hours!

You’ll find more info under ”contact” or our FB page LottaNiemi Atelié. 👘