African vibes in our latest collection!

We have been busy busy busy since opening our new studio& boutique in Karlshamn in february, witch we are so happy for! Thank you everyone that so far has made it a success!

Because of a busy spring we have fallen a bit behind updating our webshop with our latest clothes in the vibrant and cool African & Indonesian printed textiles ! Therefore we show you some of the clothes here and we daily update our studio& shop page on FB- LottaNiemi Atelié with everything new coming up in the boutique and tailormade clothes and interior made for our customers! Do follow us there too!

If you are intrested in ordering some of the clothes, comment below or contact us at FB or Or if you are lucky enough to be nearby, visit us at LottaNiemi Atelié & Butik in Karlshamn! Ofcourse the news will soon enough appear in the webshop, just be patient..👌🏻🎁☀️