LottaNiemi is a swedish fashion-and textile brand/company started in 2010 by the designer and tailor
Lotta Niemi Bruhn. Several LottaNiemi womenswear-and accessorie collections has been released in Sweden under the years.

Lotta Niemi Bruhn also works as a freelance designer-tailor-stylist-patternmaker with both fashion styling, stage costume, haute couture collections and commercial ready to wear collections and brands.
The atelié/studio where the creativity flows is found in Karlshamn where she also makes unique tailor made garments for weddings, proms, fitness competitions and other special events.

The studio also works as a small shop where the unique LottaNiemi clothing-and accessorie collections can be bought aswell as from the LottaNiemi webshop.

Please read more under LottaNiemi Atelié . (Swedish)


Lotta Niemi is educated in fashion-and textile design at University of Technology Sydney,

Högskolan för Design och Konsthantverk Steneby and Borås Textilhögskola.

She has been awarded with Blekinge
Läns Tidnings culture price 2012, been a finalist in Show up Fashion Awards 2011 and the company has participated
in Formex Design Fair for Young Designers 2012 and 2013 to name a few highlights.

Don´t hesitate to contact us with your inquiry or questions at lotta@lottaniemi.com!
We are happy to to hear from you!